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I created a profile on Studium, and got contacted by two companies I wanted to work for within a fortnight!

Sasha  •  Curtin University

I hate filling out job applications. I just created my profile on Studium once, and got contacted by a company in my industry in the same month. How come no-one thought of this before? 

Josh • UWA

Graduating soon? Finding your big break just got easier

Stuart Scott
CEO Studium
September 15th, 2019

Hi, I'm Stuart,

If you're a university student, this might be the most useful thing you read all year. 

Welcome to Studium.

Studium is an online platform which turns the tables on job hunting. We've created a system where University students take just a few minutes to create their detailed profile on our site.

We then promote your profile to organisations located where you want to work, in every industry, showing off your qualifications and personality to prospective recruiters which allow them to find you. 

You'd be surprised how many major organisations are looking for new blood and choose to go straight to universities to find willing candidates. Studium makes the process simple for both the student and the employer.

Hate filling out job applications? Us too. So don't bother. 

With Studium, all you need to do is put your effort into creating a sparkling profile (just once), which includes your credentials, your photograph, examples of your university work, and even a video introducing yourself (if you like).

This gives our huge range of employers a chance to get to know you and what you do a lot better than just a resume, which is all they get from their current recruitment process.

With Studium, it's a win-win for both parties. Ad best of all, it's completely free to create a student profile.

Studium is launching in October 2019 - simply add your email address above, and we'll get in touch with you when the platform is ready for you to create your profile. 

This is a game changer in the qualified graduate space. We can't wait for you to get on board.

Stuart Scott
CEO - Studium

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Graduating soon? Finding your big break just got easier


Get Seen
Too often it's hard to get recognised for anything more than your grades. With Studium that's different, you get to present all of your great skills and interests, so you're not just a number on a page.


Gain Insights 
When you're looking for work it can be hard to find out what you need to do differently, which areas you need to improve and where to focus your time on. At Studium you get real feedback on jobs and can see what top performers have to improve your employability.


Get the Job
Whether it be volunteer,  vacation work or full-time employment, Studium makes it easy t get placed into jobs within your industry. So you're developing a career straight away, rather than waiting for a lucky break.

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Studium is a privately owned Australian company helping students into employment

Fast and easy way to recruit

Get noticed by employers 

Better outcomes for students

Stuart Scott
CEO Studium

The team at Studium, headed by Stuart Scott (CEO) have spent the last 6 years developing a platform to better profile students to employers. 

Studium is committed to changing lives and helping reduce the staggering 75% unemployment rate of students one year after graduation. 

To do so, Studium has built strong connections with schools and institutions in Western Australia and in the forthcoming months will expand across Australia.

The key to success is solving business talent issues, such as lengthy recruitment processes, onboarding, retention and performance issues.

Studium provides employers insights to students, talent management and effective onboarding tools to make student employment a viable solution to growing their businesses.